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Getting Started With Us

Is your child having difficulty with something they want or need to do? Learn more about how we can help.

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Our Step-By-Step Program

We offer a range of services and programs that can help your child. See how we can best help.

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Getting started

We like to understand your concerns and fast track you to the most appropriate service response, and begin to customise your service.

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Getting to know your child

We take the time to get to know your child’s unique strengths and needs. Learning how they function within their environment will allow us to set goals together.

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Working with your child to achieve goals

We work with your child through a range of possible service options to achieve their goals.

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Moving on

We help you reach a point where you are resourced with the skills, knowledge and confidence to meet your child’s ongoing needs without us!

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1. Getting started

To get started we ask you to attend a meeting with one of our therapists to better understand the reasons for accessing occupational therapy, your concerns for your child and a bit about who they are, what they do well, their likes and dislikes and what has been tried before.

We take the time to meet with you face-to-face without your child initially so we can formulate a plan for the quickest way to address your concerns. We also use this time to make sure you know about other services and support that may be beneficial and let you know in more detail what our service can offer your child.

This is where we start to plan your child’s unique pathway through our service or sometimes we might even suggest a better option for meeting your child’s needs that involves another service or support external to Kids & Community.

2. Getting to know your child

In a one-on-one session with one of our therapists, we learn about your child’s skills and what is preventing them from doing the things they want, need or are expected to do. This is a fun interaction whereby the therapist engages your child in a range of activities/tasks to observe and assess their skills.

Kids usually find this feels like just playing and hanging out. We often visit your child at home or in educational settings or other community settings where needed to form an understanding of the demands in this environment and any barrier’s that may exist.

The purpose of this phase is to establish common goals for any further support/intervention.

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3. Working with your child to achieve goals

We offer a range of solutions to meet your child’s unique needs and goals. We will create and work with you on a plan that is specific to your child and your family’s needs.

We also take into account the ways which your child wants to participate such as sports, recreational groups and activities and include these in our program.

We may suggest individual sessions, small group sessions, workshops as well as access to online resources. All services provided will be working towards achieving agreed goals and progress measured against these goals.

4. Moving on

Because your child and you are at the heart of what we do – it is our mission to be able to provide your child and you with the skills, support and coaching to allow you to confidently manage without our ongoing involvement.

We love it when we achieve goals and you no longer need us! Connected, independent children who are participating in their home and community and living their best life are exactly what we are all about!!

Of course, we always welcome you back should you need any further assistance, support or guidance in the future.

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How we can help

We offer a range of services and programs that can help your child.

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Working with your child or teen one on one allows us to focus intensively on development of skills that will help your child/teen achieve their goals. We work individually with kids+teens across a variety of settings.

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Our rich and varied group programs of support offer supportive social settings for your child/teen to make connections, develop skills and problem solve challenges. Our programs are constantly evolving and offer something for everyone!

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We have the ability to customise support to provide intensive, innovative and unique programs and support options for your child. Our specialist support options are as unique as your child+family!

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Our workshops allow you to take some time out to learn and develop skills so you can best meet your child’s needs. Held throughout the year on a variety of topics, some are also offered as online self-paced formats.