Term Three Group Programs of Support


What makes our group programs different?

We have been running group based therapy programs for over 10 years, which means we have 10 years of practice wisdom, streamlined processes and clinical experience running group programs for kids of all ages. Group based therapy is not at all like individual therapy and requires specific training and support. Our team receive training, support and skills development specific to facilitating and optimising outcomes with groups.

Why do we need an OT running group programs?

Sure, anyone can lead a group, but to supercharge skills development, for skilled scaffolded support and coaching it takes the right professional knowledge, experience and skills. Our groups aren’t just about providing an opportunity for social interaction with peers, if that was what worked best, your kids would be in community based groups with their peers right? We provide well facilitated groups that follow a developmental progression that is carefully planned and structed with the flexibility to meet the diverse individual needs and interests of the participants. This takes skill and close ongoing supervision and support from experienced therapists.

Why a “specialised” group at a therapy base?

We know that often kids need this level of support in a safe environment to develop skills, better understand their own needs and explore interests where “bumps” can be managed in a safe and supported way. Our end goal is that our kids will feel more confident and able to participate in local community groups of their choosing with their peers and have success. That is the ultimate outcome for us. The group programs at our therapy hubs are just the foundation for the real magic!

What is this about a cafe?

We know our teens are well across it when we fake it – that’s why simulated environments just don’t cut it! We also know evidence suggests that to develop real skills for life, you need to be immersed and supported in a real environment.

How is the cafe program different?

Firstly it is held in a real operational cafe, not in a therapy centre and there is nothing “simulated” about it! The kids are exposed to real customers and all the moving parts of a working cafe. Support is provided to develop skills in a staged developmental program.

Why the cafe over “regular style” therapy?

By the time our kids become teens they are pretty much done with the usual therapy. Therapy at 14 shouldn’t look like it did when you were 7! What they want is to work – well what they really want is money and they know to get it they need a job. Mostly our kids want what every teenager wants right? Developing skills to achieve their end goal creates a level of motivation and engagement that “regular” therapy in a clinic setting or at home just doesn’t evoke! (BTW – If you are around Township Drive between 6:30 am and 1:00pm Monday – Friday – call in for a coffee!)